Sell Your San Francisco Home With Foundation Problems

Are you planning to sell your San Francisco home with foundation problems? Doing so is like letting go of a damaged vintage item. Finding a new owner may seem impossible, but someone out there will be eager to add it to their collection.

Let’s talk about why foundation issues develop, how to recognize these issues, and how you can sell a house with foundation problems in San Francisco.


Why Do Foundation Issues Develop?

Numerous causes of foundation damage include poor construction, intense storms, extreme weather, low-quality types of soil, and poor drainage that lead to moisture buildup in your San Francisco home. Moreover, natural wear and tear can cause foundation problems. There are several forms, from cracks to shifting and closing. A lack of maintenance can also worsen the issue. Before addressing the problem, you need to understand the reasons behind the foundation issues.


Recognizing Developing Foundation Issues

If you recognize foundation problems in your San Francisco home early on, you can take action immediately. This is why you should perform regular inspections. You can see whether there are cracks or gaps between the walls and ceilings. Moreover, you can check for signs of water damage like mold or water stains on the floors or walls.

  • Uneven Floors – Bubbled or sloping floors indicate that your home has a structural problem. The position of your table and other furniture becomes uneven. You may also trip over areas in your home that used to be smooth.
  • Cracks in Doors, Windows, and Walls – If you see cracks around your doors, windows, or the crown molding separating the wall and the ceiling, you may have foundation problems. Even the paint on your wall may crack, and you’ll see wallpaper bubbles. Moreover, you might notice drafts in your doors and windows. As water seeps through the cracks, you’ll encounter more problems like mold and mildew.
  • Sticking or Misaligned Doors and Windows – If your house sinks, slopes, or becomes uneven, your doors and windows might get stuck and won’t close properly. Furthermore, the foundation has shifted if your doors and windows seem to separate from their frames. Hence, the structures become misaligned.
  • Mold and Mildew Smell – There are several causes of the musty smell from mold or mildew. However, if the scent lingers in your basement or crawl space, it may be because of water seeping through cracks. This can invite pests into your home and lead to rotting.
  • Leaning Chimney and Walls – If you notice your chimney in a leaning position, then you should be alarmed. It can cause water damage and roof damage. Moreover, leaning walls indicate a structural problem. You might notice cracks in the exterior bricks or wood and bulges on the wall.
  • Nails Popping Out of Drywall – It’s easy to address nails popping out of your drywall. However, if this becomes a frequent problem, it indicates wall movement and severe foundation issues.


Learn How To Sell a House With Foundation Problems

Once you determine your home’s foundation problems, you can proceed with foundation repair or sell your house. Foundation repairs usually cost around $2,200 to $7,800. However, they can also be as expensive as $15,000 and even higher depending on the repairs needed.

Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the repairs, so you must shoulder the expenses alone. You’ll also have to find a temporary place to stay, which will require additional costs. Hence, foundation repair is only advisable if you have plenty of cash or accessible credit.

If you want to protect yourself from stress and make a wiser choice, you can choose to sell your San Francisco Home with foundation problems. At Maple Home Buyers, we buy your house fast regardless of its condition, and you won’t have to pay realtors, get a professional inspection, or clean your property. But, choosing the traditional route means paying real estate agents 5% to 6% of commissions or even more.


Read Our FAQs

You might wonder how long it will take to receive a free cash offer, what types of houses we buy, and the process of selling your house to us. Check out our FAQ section and see how convenient it is to “sell my house fast San Francisco“, even with foundation problems.


Final Thoughts

From poor draining and construction to extreme weather conditions and natural degradation, there are several causes of foundation problems. Recognizing developing foundation issues can help you act before things worsen. You can opt for costly foundation repair or sell your San Francisco home with foundation problems.

You can skip all the cleaning, repairs, commissions, and fees with Maple Home Buyers. Get your free no-obligation cash offer today!


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