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They bought my home in Hayward for a fair price. Fast work, thanks

Zepeda June 25, 2024

My wife and I had to move somewhat suddenly, so we needed a quick way to sell our house. After trying a similar company and not getting a good offer, we went with Maple Home Buyers, and they gave us a much better offer. They were very flexible, allowed us to leave some of our larger items to be disposed of after we moved. And, when we encountered issues with moving, they were flexible with the closing date to allow us to have enough time to move. Everyone I interacted with was very friendly, the process was very fast, and my wife and I are very satisfied. A++!

Mathias Spicer February 10, 2024

Hello my name is Christopher I am a retired army veteran…I have my home with my wife and two girls… i had something come up concerning the health of my mother and we did not know what to do so we went looking around and we found maple home buyers… we had set up a meeting and at first I didn’t k ow what to expect but then when we met at the house they were so respectful plaited and kind especially with the kids… we told them the reason why we needed to sell and they then explained the different routes we could go and then we found one that worked and what was nice about it is they took car of anything left behind we didn’t have to take it to the garbage waste or anything and with our time frame it was gonna be very hard… that assured us that with whatever we need they are there to help and especially with my family..so we were able to set when we closed and everything they even offered to close soon but we had the kids school and the va to get situated… i really advise anyone that needs the help like me and my family hands down to ask for their Help… it really is a vet family orientated place and they took great understanding with my need with my military background….

Yelena Zumbach January 23, 2024

I recently did business with Maple Home Buyers for a house that I needed to sell and didn't want to put a ton of money into fixing up. Their Agent Simon was fair and not judgemental about my situation. I thought given the condition of the property plus the turn around time was fair. We closed the deal in 7 days and I'm on to the next chapter in my life. The team was always available for any of my concerns. Thank you very much Maple Home Buyers. Keep up the good work

Joshua Hart May 27, 2023

I cannot say enough good things about my transaction with Maple Home Buyers. At first, I was skeptical of selling my home of over 28 years in this manner, but I quickly discovered that Maple Home Buyers was an AMAZING company to work with! I knew the minute I met with them that they would be a trustworthy company, and I felt as though they treated me like a member of their own family throughout the process (including offering support as I prepare to move)! We were able to quickly agree on a price that I felt was very fair, and Maple Home Buyers made an all cash offer with no contingencies! No inspections, no repairs and no staging to put the house on the market. Truly a hassle-free experience. The earnest money was deposited into escrow almost immediately, and they also worked with me to find some creative solutions with regards to the sale and my move-out process, which I've appreciated so much. Escrow closed as promised and on time. If you're thinking of selling your home and want a flawless home selling experience, call Maple Home Buyers now!

Kerri Johnson May 23, 2023

We recently decided to place our small single family residential rental property on the market. It had long been in the family and had been a rental for over 30 years. The property was a modest home located in a modest neighborhood but had not been updated since its original construction in 1955. While livable, it needed refreshing and updating, with some of the usual known (but mostly unknown) issues you have with an older home, particularly a long-time rental. We were familiar with the local real estate market, and we also have experience in remodeling, repairs and renovation but were not interested in doing that work on this property. We suspected that the most likely buyer would be a DIY fixer upper or a cash buyer looking to make improvements and resell. We did our research and backed into a reasonable selling price range we could expect to get for the property. While motivated to sell, we were by no means desperate. We had seen (as most people in our area had) lots of ads on TV and on the internet for cash buyers looking to purchase homes, without inspections, “AS-IS” condition, cover all costs, no commissions, quick to escrow and close, etc. Although having recently sold a couple properties to cash buyers in more “traditional” real estate transactions, we had not talked to, let alone worked with any of these “We Buy Homes” folks. . So, we contacted several of the “We Buy Homes” folks via the internet and immediately started getting responses. In these conversations we made it clear that we were talking to several different cash buyers/investors and were NOT going to jump into something that didn’t make sense (i.e. motivated but not desperate). After talking with several of these guys, it was clear that MapleHomeBuyers was materially different. They are a family business with a clear track record of success (we researched them thoroughly both directly and through friends in the real estate business). We discussed what we were trying to do, and they were very responsive in coming to look at the place with a quick follow up and an offer. After discussion and some creative thinking on their part, we ended up at a price AND conditions we felt were fair for both sides of the deal. They offered an a clean non-contingent “AS-IS” offer, requiring no inspections, and all cash payment (no loans or assignments). They were very flexible in accommodating our request to use a title company of our choice, opened escrow right away, agreed to use some contract structures we preferred and made a substantial (25%) earnest money deposit within 24 hours. We closed escrow with all cash within a few days. . The MapleHomeBuyers team was easy to work with, sincere and clearly addressed all our questions and requests. This was a material difference compared with some of the other “We Buy Houses” folks that appeared reluctant to talk plainly about a potential deal and were hesitant to present a firm offer unless we committed to move forward with them. Most of them just offered a price “range”, which generally was substantially below what we felt was reasonable. Some refused to work with us on our terms unlike the MapleHomeBuyers folks. While these other “We Buy Houses” folks may provide a solution for some sellers in different circumstances, we would encourage anyone looking to sell a home in similar need as ours to reach out to MapleHomeBuyers and start a conversation.

Dale Murdock May 22, 2023

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