Facing legal issues can be like paddling against a strong current. No matter what you do, you’ll always struggle to stay afloat as you navigate proceedings and shoulder a laundry list of fees.

Because of the fees you’ll have to pay, you’ll need money — and lots of it. One of the ways to free up some liquid capital for your legal expenses is by selling your home.

However, there’s a problem.

First, let’s discuss closing costs. In San Francisco, closing costs average around 6% to 7% of the sale price, quickly eating into any profit you’d make.

Also, on average, San Francisco homes can remain on the market for 80 days. This is a long time, especially if you must pay legal fees and settlements quickly.

If the traditional home-selling route isn’t tenable, what do you do? The answer is simple. Accept a cash offer and sell your San Francisco Bay Area home to pay for legal issues.

Learn more about the benefits of accepting a fast cash offer and who to accept one from for the most competitive ones.

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Legal Issues Are Expensive

When facing legal problems, you’re looking at a mountain of costs. These costs allow your case to move along the desired timelines.

One example of these costs is attorney’s fees. Attorneys’ fees can cost a lot, depending on the nature of your problem or the attorney you consult. In San Francisco, hourly consultation fees can be as high as $344.

Besides consultations, there are other legal costs, like documentation expenses, which can cost hundreds of dollars in County Clerk services.

Other costs exist, but the main idea is that legal issues can be expensive. For this reason, you might need to free up some funds using any asset at your disposal — including your San Francisco Bay Area home.

Get Cash for Your House and Sell It Quickly to Our Team

Selling your home becomes the clear option for freeing up some much-needed funds for your case. However, instead of selling your home through a realtor, sell it to our team.

At Maple Home Buyers, we buy Bay Area homes in any condition. We offer you competitive cash offers for your home, allowing you to get paid quickly with our fast home-buying process.

Sell your San Francisco Bay Area home with confidence.

Get a fast and free cash offer now and find out how much your home is worth.

The Benefits of Selling to Us

When you decide to sell your San Francisco Bay Area home to willing cash buyers like us, you can look forward to the following advantages:

  • Stress Reduction: Juggling home sales and legal troubles is challenging enough. When you sell to us, we’ll hasten the home sale and take some of the burden off your shoulders.
  • You Can Hire the Best Legal Professionals: With the money we’ll pay you, you can afford the best legal representation for your case.
  • A Quick Sale Where You Profit: Accepting a cash offer doesn’t only mean fast access to funds. You won’t have to pay realtor commissions or repair costs by selling to a cash buyer like us.

We Buy Any Bay Area House in Any Condition and Life Situation

Our cash offers provide a swift, hassle-free solution if you’re facing legal issues and the following life circumstances:

  • Downsizing: A quick sale lets you transition to a smaller home without stress.
  • Divorce: You can simplify your situation with a fast sale during this challenging time.
  • Home Upgrades: Skip the expensive repairs and sell your home as-is.
  • Inherited Property: A cash sale allows you to eliminate the financial and legal burdens of an inherited property.
  • Relocating for Work: When a new job calls, sell your home quickly, move out, and move on.
  • Tired Landlords: Say goodbye to the hassles of being a landlord with an immediate sale — even if your rental property still has tenants.
  • Job Loss: Access the equity in your home quickly when you need it most.
  • Avoid Foreclosure: Prevent foreclosure and protect your credit with a fast sale to us.
  • Medical Problems: Our cash offers can help you pay for unexpected medical expenses.
  • Legal Issues: Secure the funds you need swiftly by selling your home.
  • Senior Living Transitions: Ease your move into senior living with a fast cash offer.
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy: You can effectively manage and reduce your debt through a quick home sale.
  • Need Your Equity in Cash: Quickly convert your home equity into cash to meet your immediate financial needs.
We Buy Any House in Any Condition and Any Life Situation

We Buy San Francisco Bay Area Homes in Any Condition

What We Mean by “Any San Francisco Condition Properties”

We’ll buy your Bay Area home even if it’s in the following conditions:

  • Needs Repairs: Homes requiring significant or minor repairs are welcome. You don’t need to fix anything.
  • Renovations Gone Wrong: If your DIY project didn’t go as planned, we’d still buy your home.
  • Code Violations: Properties with code violations can be sold to us without worry.
  • Trash-Filled: We’re interested even if the house is filled with trash.
  • Damaged Homes: Structural damage or other issues won’t deter us from making an offer.
  • Bad Rental Property Tenants: Are you dealing with troublesome tenants? We can take the property off your hands.
  • Hoarder Homes: Homes cluttered with belongings are not a problem for us.
  • Fixer-Uppers: We’re ready to buy, whether it’s a minor fixer-upper or a major overhaul.
  • Dirty in Bad Shape: Properties in dirty or poor condition are still valuable to us.
  • Death Estates: We handle the sale of estates following a death with sensitivity and speed.
  • Abandoned: Abandoned homes can be sold quickly and easily.
  • Rundown Homes: Properties that have seen better days are still of interest.
  • Foundation Cracks: Even homes with foundation issues can be sold to us.
  • Vacant Land and Houses: Empty lots and vacant houses are equally valuable to us.

Learn How to Sell a House With Foundation Problems

We are often asked whether homes with foundation problems are marketable. At Maple Home Buyers, we say yes.

Foundation problems won’t deter us from buying your home. Contact us today to find out how to sell your home, even if it has foundation issues.

Read Our FAQs

If you have questions about how we purchase homes or what kinds of homes we buy, we’ve got you covered.

Read our FAQs to learn everything you need about the properties we buy and how we buy them.


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